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Below are the answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. As a transparent and owner focussed syndicate we aim to be as open and honest as possible and hope you’ll find the answers to some of your questions below.

For any additional questions please Contact Us

Can I get an owners badge to come and watch my horse race?

  • You are entitled to 1 badge per race, however race courses provide a specific allocation of owners badges per race meeting. We endeavour to get as many owners on course as possible, however if more owners want to attend than we have badges we may have to draw names via a ballot (as a last resort)

How often can I visit my horse in the Trainers Yard?

  • We encourage regular visits to the yard from all owners and their families and have an open door policy. This means you can visit your horse 7 days a week! Our horses love it when owners bring them treats such as carrots and polos. Here you will see some of our owners favourite pictures from their visits to the yard – Yard Visits

How often will I get updates on my horse?

  • We have WhatsApp groups for each horse in the syndicate that you will be added to when you join. Dylan and his team are great at posting frequent updates on the progress being made on each horse.

How will I know about Race Plans for my horse?

  • Andrew & Dylan discuss upcoming races suitable for each horse and will relay their thoughts and plans via the WhatsApp groups so owners are kept up to date and can ask questions where needed

Are there any additional fees aside from the monthly training fees?

  • There are no hidden extras in your training fees as these are all-inclusive. We have additional information in our owners contract you can request a copy of if needed

How long do I own my share for?

  • Full ownership shares – You own the share outright, these are valid until you either decide you’d like to sell, we as the Syndicate decide to sell the horse or the horse is retired
  • Leasehold shares are valid for the duration of the leasehold agreement